Terms and conditions for the DanCenter/Danland gift vouchers

The gift voucher

A DanCenter/Danland gift voucher can only be issued by the Danish company called DanCenter A/S with the following business address: Lyngbyvej 20, DK-2100 Copenhagen Oe., Denmark. The gift voucher is a prepaid voucher of an amount chosen by you. This means of payment can be used in full as well as partly used when booking a holiday from DanCenter A/S and Danland. The gift voucher can also be used as payment for extra services such as final cleaning or as payment for consumption related costs. If the amount of the gift voucher is less than what must be paid for the booking, the remaining amount must be paid by using one of the methods of payment indicated by DanCenter A/S in the booking process. The value of the gift voucher cannot be turned into cash. The value of the voucher can be used partly or in full at all transactions. If any value left, this remains on the voucher and can be used later on during the valid period of the gift voucher. The amount in relation to a cancelled holiday, paid with a gift voucher, will be returned to the gift voucher. The voucher cannot be used as means of payment for admission to water parks or other similar attractions offered by DanCenter/Danland. Furthermore the gift voucher is personal and cannot be handed over to third party.

Purchase of gift voucher

The gift voucher has been designed for and is available for individual customers as a physical card which is sent per e-mail. Purchase of a gift voucher can be made online on or on telephone on No. +45 70 13 00 00. When you order a gift voucher, the order confirmation will be forwarded by e-mail immediately after receipt of the order. The gift voucher will be forwarded as soon as DanCenter has registered the payment of the gift voucher. Purchase of gift voucher online or per telephone can be cancelled by sending a letter to: DanCenter A/S, Lyngbyvej 20, 2100 Copenhagen Oe,, Denmark or by e-mail to: within 14 days from the date of purchase, provided that the gift voucher has not yet been used as payment.

Nominal value, fees etc.

The price for a gift voucher corresponds to its nominal value plus an administration fee and a delivery fee, if any. The present fees will be calculated and indicated before the end of the process of purchase.


The gift voucher will be valid for a period of 36 months starting from the date of purchase. If the owner of the gift voucher has not used the total nominal value by the date of expiry, the amount will be transferred to DanCenter A/S. Furthermore it is not possible to neither prolong the valid period of time nor transfer the nominal value to a new gift voucher with a new period of validity.

Prevention of loss

The gift voucher must always be kept in a safe place and with the same caution with which you would keep your cash. In case of loss or theft, the gift voucher can be blocked. This can be done by sending DanCenter A/S a message in writing. Subsequently the value of the voucher will be transferred to a new gift voucher which will be sent to the owner of the original gift voucher. In such cases the owner of the gift voucher must pay the administration and delivery fees, which will be deducted from the actual value of the voucher. However, the period of validity continues just as it was indicated on the original voucher.


Purchase of gift voucher is carried out according to the Danish legislation. In case of disputes these must be settled at the venue (City Court) of Copenhagen.

Protection of data

Purchase of the gift voucher implicates registration of personal information, for instance name and address of the recipient and credit card information concerning the buyer. DanCenter A/S assumes the responsibility for the handling and storage of the personal data in accordance with the law on personal data protection.