Holiday Home - ABC

The Holiday Home ABC provides guidance and practical advice on a number of issues. To make the ABC easy to use and ensure that you can easily find the information you are looking for, the list has been alphabetised:

Allergy: Please note that even in holiday homes where pets are not allowed, allergies may erupt as DC does not have any influence on pollen, house dust etc.

Annex: An annex is a separate, small building on the site providing extra accommodation. Generally, an annex has neither kitchen nor bathroom, and heating may not be available during cold periods.

Arrival and departure: Unless otherwise agreed, the holiday home is available to the tenant on the date of commencement of the rental period from 4:00 pm. to the date of departure at 10:00 am.

Bath: The holiday homes usually have a hand shower with a wall mounting bracket (in some cases connected to the wash basin tap), often with no shower curtain and toilet and often with a floor gully. Other types of toilets may also be used. In Danish and German houses the hot-water tank has a capacity of approx. 30-60 litres, while the hot-water tank in Norwegian and Swedish houses has a capacity of approx. 30-100 litres, just sufficient water for a shower. However, the tank quickly heats more water.

Beds: The term bed is also used about a foam rubber mattress on a slatted bed base. Standard measurements are 180-190 x 70-85 cm. Please note that the term double bed may also be used about twin beds placed next to each other to form a double bed. ¾ beds are double beds with a breadth of 120-140 cm. Bedstaves are rarely available for bunk beds in holiday homes in Norway and Sweden.

Bicycles, rowing boats, playground equipment and garden furniture: DC does not accept any liability for damage caused by use of a trampoline and other playground equipment. If not listed in the description of the holiday home, bicycles, rowing boats, playground equipment and garden furniture are extra services which have no influence on the pricing of the holiday home. In case of defects or failure, no reduction of the rental price can be claimed.

Boat/motor boat: In case a boat or a motor boat is included in the price or available for rent, you are responsible for inspection, emptying, mooring etc. during the rental period. Oars, petrol tank and other loose components should be kept in the holiday home. Children under the age of sixteen (16) may only use the boat if accompanied by an adult. Approved life jackets must be worn. After use the boat must be pulled as far onto land as possible to be protected against the tide. In case of failure to observe these rules and any further rules stipulated by the owner, you will be liable for any damage. Use of the boat depends on the weather conditions. Particularly in winter, use of boat and motor boat may be limited or even impossible, e.g. due to ice. Petrol is not included in the price. All use of the boat is at the tenant’s own risk/responsibility. Please note that the boat may be moored some distance from the house. A boatman’s licence is required in Norway for persons born on 1 January 1980 or later if the pleasure boat is longer than eight (8) metres or has an engine with a capacity in excess of 25 hp. In Denmark the boat may only be used if anchor, cable, two (2) oars and two (2) rowlocks are provided. The boat can only be rented on a weekly basis. DC cannot guarantee the condition of the boat as it is considered an extra service provided by the holiday home owner. If the owner finds that the weather conditions are such that it is not safe to be at sea, the owner may withhold the board.

Categorisation: DC's categorisation of holiday homes are of an explicit indicative character. As holiday homes are unique, holiday homes in the same category cannot necessarily be compared. For a more objective rating of the holiday home, DC refers to the tenant's ratings.

Children: The holiday home only has a cot if so expressly stated in the description of the holiday home. The cot is most often a travel cot, suitable for children up to max. three (3) years. In Denmark, cots can be rented via DC’s local offices. You must bring along duvet and pillow for the cot yourself. If the tenant brings his own cot or rents a cot, please note that the bedroom may not be large enough for the cot. Please contact DC’s local office for further information in this regard. A changing table is normally not available in the holiday home. Similarly, the holiday home only has a high chair if so expressly stated in the description of the holiday home. In Denmark a high chair can be rented at DC’s local office.

Complaints: Any complaints must immediately be notified to DC’s local office. Do not allow your holiday to be spoiled by minor defects or faults. DC’s local office will immediately notify the responsible holiday home owner about your complaint so that remedial action can be performed as quickly as possible.

Damage: Any damage to the holiday home or its furniture and equipment caused during the rental period must immediately be reported to DC. You are liable for any damage caused during your stay in the holiday home. This liability also applies if you were not a fault. You will be charged for non-reported damage occurred or caused during your stay in the holiday home. Please note that any subsequent claims for payment of non-reported damage may be increased by claims for cover of losses and costs paid by the holiday home owner or the subsequent tenants. To the extent possible, non-reported damage will be claimed within one (1) month after the end of the rental period.

Distances: All distances are approximate and “as the crow flies”. Shopping distances indicate the closest shop (often only open in high season) where you can buy essential articles. As restaurants and shops may close at short notice, DC assumes no responsibility in this regard. In Norway and Sweden there is often a footpath from the parking space/parking lot to the holiday home. The quality of such footpaths varies. In winter the footpath may be reduced to a path of stamped snow. If you are walking-impaired, we recommend that you contact DC in advance to obtain accurate information about the quality of the footpath.

Drinking water in Norway and Sweden Drinking water installed from a well or tank may be a problem in case of drought or temperatures so low that the water freezes. Naturally, DC will do its best to solve the problem, but if you have to collect water in buckets, you will not be entitled to a rent reduction on that account. In certain regions the water may be discoloured. This has nothing to do with the quality of the water and the water is fully drinkable.

Extra costs: Consumption-related costs are not included in the rental price. Consumption-related costs such as electricity, water, heating, gas etc. are paid according to consumption. Payment for this consumption must be made in the currency of the country in question. Consumption-related costs must be paid when the key is returned to the local office, the owner or his representative. Payment for rent of a boat, motor boat, bedclothes or final cleaning is made upon arrival to the local office, the owner or his representative. If the holiday home has a fireplace/woodburning stove you are required to buy firewood himself.

Final cleaning: Upon departure the holiday home must be left clean and tidy, see clause 3.1. If you have booked and paid for final cleaning, the holiday home must be left tidy, including with the dishes done. Please remember to close all windows and lock all doors before you leave the holiday home. If you do not want to perform the final cleaning himself, it may be booked at DC’s local office – in Norway and Sweden in certain cases with the owner or his representative. If DC’s final cleaning service is an option, it will appear from the description of the holiday home. If you wish to perform the final cleaning yourself, there is a checklist stating the requirements for the final cleaning in the house file. If you have not been given a house file upon arrival, you may obtain a checklist at the local office, from the owner or his representative. For certain holiday homes, the final cleaning is included in the rental price. This is indicated by two price lines. The first is the price for one (1) week including final cleaning, the bottom line is the price for subsequent weeks.

Finding your way to the holiday home: Among the papers sent to you, you will also find a route description to the key collection point/the holiday home. The locals may also be able to help you with directions.

Fireplace/woodburning stove: The term fireplace does not always denote an open fireplace; often it is a cast-iron fireplace with an open or closed fireplace.

Firewood: Firewood collected on the beach may not be used because its salt content may damage the fireplace/woodburning stove.

Floor heating: In holiday homes with floor heating, you must always leave the heating on when departing in the autumn, winter and spring as it will otherwise take 24 hours to heat the holiday home again.

Garden furniture and barbecue: Garden furniture and barbecue cannot be expected to be clean upon commencement of the rental period.

Heating of the holiday home: Please note that you cannot expect the holiday home to be heated when you arrive. In Norway and Sweden the holiday home normally has electric heating and the consumption is paid to the holiday home owner or his representative. Firewood and other means of heating (e.g. gas) can be purchased a petrol stations and the like in the area – in some cases from the holiday home owner or his representative. In case of excessive energy consumption, you may be required to pay an energy surcharge to the holiday home owner or his representative. In Norwegian houses it is not common for the first floor to be heated.

Holiday home's decor: Almost all Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and German holiday homes are privately owned. Consequently, the holiday homes are individually furnished to the owner’s personal preferences and according to his financial capacity. Consequently, the owner’s personal property is often part of the furniture and equipment of the holiday home. Holiday homes which may at first glance appear to be of standard quality are consequently not comparable. In Norwegian and Swedish holiday homes doors are often replaced by curtains. In traditional holiday homes, no requirements can and should be made as to quality and accessories.

Internet: In some holiday homes the internet access only allows a limited use. Consequently DC discourage streaming or downloading of very heavy data files. Furthermore DC cannot guarantee that the connection is suitable for business purposes. In case the holiday home has internet access, it will appear clearly from the description of the holiday home. If it does not appear from the description, and there is internet access in spite of all, this is a service for which DC cannot be held responsible.

Jacuzzi: A large bath or small pool with underwater massage. Suitable for one (1) to eight (8) persons, depending on the size of the jacuzzi. Please respect the bathing rules that are available in the house or can be obtained from DC’s local office.

Key collection: In Denmark the key is collected at DC’s local office or at one of the designated key collection points. The address of the key collection point is printed on the rental certificate. In Norway and Sweden the holiday home owner or his/her representative often gives the tenant the key in the holiday home, and at the same time provides important information. The key must be returned where it was collected, unless something else is stated. See the rental certificate for detailed information.

Local office: In Denmark, Norway and Sweden DC has a network of local offices which are ready to provide information as well as assistance in case of damage to, defects in or complaints about the holiday home. It should, however, be noted that there may be some distance between the local office and the holiday home in Norway and Sweden. If, contrary to expectation, you are unable to reach our local office, you may contact DC Norway on tel.: +47 22 41 19 35. DC Denmark/Sweden on tel.: +45 70 13 00 00. DC Germany on tel.: 040-309703-0.

Loft sleeping space: A space under the roofline (open loft room) intended for extra accommodation for children and young people. They are generally not comfortable and the ceiling is usually very low. The beds are mostly shakedowns in the form of mattresses on the floor, usually reached by a steep ladder only.

Mandatory energy surcharge: The mandatory energy surcharge is rarely payable. When it is, it is in holiday homes where it is not possible to measure the energy consumption. Therefore, a fixed surcharge is payable for e.g. heating. There may be a separate charge for measurable energy consumption.

Meter reading: The electricity meter and other meters for consumption-related costs must be read upon arrival and departure and the consumption must be noted on the consumption statement which the tenant is given when he collects the key. Please note that the electricity meter does not display decimals and must be read as consumption in whole kWh numbers. When the key is returned, any consumption-related costs and firewood, if relevant, are paid for. The deposit less any consumption-related costs will be refunded approx. 21 days after departure. Remember to leave your e-mail and account number with the local office so any deposit may be refunded to your account. If you want to calculate the approximate amount of your electricity etc. consumption upon departure, you can register your kWh consumption after the first twenty-four (24) hours. Then multiply the kWh consumption by the price per kWh and number of days. If you want to economise on electricity, reduce your consumption of electrical heating, floor heating, sauna, jacuzzi, sunbed and cover the pool with a pool cover when it is not used. Even though it is cold outside, you may not need to turn all heaters on. In case of doubt, always ask at the local office, the owner or his representative when you collect the key.

Military exercises: In the following areas in Denmark military exercises may occasionally take place within a radius of approx. 20 km: Blåvand, Henne, Vejers, Oksbøl, Tranum, Rømø, Jægerspris, Sjællands Odde, Vestre Sømarken, Boderne, Halk and Hevring. During high season these exercises are limited to a minimum. Please also see the entry on noise.

Model photos or drawings: Brand-new holiday homes that are still under construction or holiday homes under renovation are not illustrated using original photos but model photos or drawings. Therefore, the furniture may not be as in the photos. Also the surroundings of a newly built house cannot be expected to have had time to vegetate with grass etc.

Natural sites: A natural site is a site with wild vegetation such as e.g. a meadow or with lyme grass, forest or moor. Consequently, a natural site cannot be expected to have a neatly trimmed lawn suitable for family sports activities or the like.

Noise: Even in holiday areas tourists may experience noise. DC does not assume responsibility for traffic, construction and military exercises etc.

Parties: Large parties or other events which expose the holiday home to extraordinary wear are not permitted.

Pests: Most holiday homes are situated in the countryside and therefore you may find insects and similar pests (mice, wasps, ants, earwigs etc.) in and around the holiday home. Please contact DC’s local office if you need assistance in this regard.

Pets in general: The tenant may only bring pets in the holiday homes marked with a dog symbol in the description of the holiday home. Dogs must be kept on a leash. Pets must have been examined by your own veterinary surgeon before they are brought to a foreign country. DC cannot assist you in this regard. Please note that even though the holiday home may be described as “no pets allowed”, it does not mean that pets have not been in the holiday home shortly before commencement of the rental period.

Pools: The holiday home owner or DC staff will make a weekly check of the technology and water quality to ensure that you can make optimum use of the pool. Please note that the standard pool temperature is 24 degrees and it can consequently not be expected to be higher. Please respect the bathing rules that are available in the house or can be obtained from DC’s local office.

Refuse collection: In Denmark household refuse is not always collected on the day of arrival/departure but generally on a weekday. In most holiday home areas in Norway and Sweden there is no organised refuse collection. Therefore, you must take the refuse sack to the waste containers that are placed in the parking lot or by the road in most areas.

Weather conditions: DC can not be held responsible, if the your arrival or departure to/from the key collection spot or the holiday home is made impossible due to snowfall or other weather conditions on state or municipal roads.

Services/extras: All houses have a complete set of kitchen utensils, tableware etc. for the number persons the house is intended for. Linen, dish towels, dishcloths and towels may be booked, if you do not wish to bring them yourself. Extras may be booked via the Internet in connection with booking or by contacting one of our local offices.

If you have children under the age of two (2), we kindly request that you bring a cot or book one at DC’s local office. If you book a cot, you cannot be sure that there is room for it in the bedroom. If the description of the holiday home states that the holiday home has a cot and you only need one (1), you do not need to book a cot. Finally, you may book delivery of these extras. This way you will not need to go back and forth between the holiday home and the local office several times but will be able to start enjoying your holiday home and all its facilities immediately upon arrival. The tenant is required to return any extras rented to the local office. The above only applies to Denmark. In Norway and Sweden extras may in certain cases be booked with the holiday home owner. Please note, that extras may be sold out. Therefore, we recommend that the tenant always book extras and final cleaning, if relevant, when the holiday home is booked. The prices of the individual local partners may vary (e.g. at holiday resorts).

Shakedowns: Shakedowns are usually sofa beds or a mattress placed on the floor.

Size of the holiday home: For Danish and Southern European holiday homes, the size of the house stated in the description of the holiday home is calculated based on the external measurements and the site area is stated as a gross area. For German holiday homes, the square metre measurements stated are measured based on the site and the living space, respectively.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in non-smoking holiday homes. Please respect this. However, DC cannot guarantee that smoking has never taken place in holiday homes designated as “non-smoking”.

Solar energy: If power for the holiday home is generated by means of solar energy, you should note that this involves certain capacity limitations, so use power sparingly.

Stairs: Stairs in a holiday home may be very steep and are not always suited for small children or people with walking impairments.

Sunbed: There are many types of sunbeds, but most often the sunbed will be small, possibly suspended over a bed. More rare is the so-called sandwich type sunbed which provides tanning from above as well as below.

Technical equipment: If, contrary to expectations, technical equipment is not functioning, please contact DC’s local office. DC’s local office will then contact the holiday home owner with a view to performing remedial action as quickly as possible. We do, however, ask for your patience; there may be some waiting time as a workman often needs to be called, spare parts ordered etc.

Television: In Denmark: Most often only Scandinavian programmes. In Germany: Most often only German programmes. In Norway and Sweden: Most often only Norwegian and Swedish programmes. Holiday homes with a satellite dish can often receive certain foreign programmes. Please see further information in the description of the holiday home.

Terrace: The holiday home may have one or more terraces. They may be open or more or less roofed and are mostly made of wood, tiles or stone.

Toilet drain: Not all holiday homes are connected to the public sewer system. To avoid clogging toilet and drain, never flush diapers, cotton wool etc. down the toilet. If the toilet clogs or the septic tank is full, please contact DC’s local office which will then contact the holiday home owner to have the matter fixed as soon as possible.

Toilets in Norway: ”Utedoen” is usually a small outhouse approx. 5-10 metres from the holiday home. Biological toilets are almost always installed in a heated room in the holiday home provided with ventilation. They are modern, odourless and do not require emptying. Chemical toilets, so-called earth closets, are not that easy to operate. Here a chemical fluid binds the odour. The toilet must be emptied before departure. There is also a low-maintenance, electric toilet where everything is burned without odour problems.

Toilets in Sweden: In Sweden one of the following types of toilet is generally used: TC = traditional toilet in a separate building. Muld-toa = largely like TC but needs emptying. Kem-toa = chemicals are added which degrade the faeces. There may be a chemical odour. Frys-toa = faeces is frozen to a lump that is buried. El-toa = condenses the fluid. Odour may occur.

Wardrobe space: Holiday homes often have very limited wardrobe space. Curtains may serve as wardrobe doors in some holiday homes.

What to bring: You must bring your own bedclothes, towels, dish towels, floor cloth, detergent, cleaning agent and toilet paper as well as duvet and pillow for the cot, if relevant. In Denmark bedclothes and towels may be rented at DC’s local office.